something so simple makes so many smile!


Can we just stop for a moment and talk about how she's putting toothpaste on her toothbrush BY HERSELF!!"

Sasha J.

Caleb has certainly gotten better at tooth-brushing with his Toothbrush Pillow

Karen P.

Independence for ALL

Holds any toothbrush steady while you

easily apply toothpaste. 

"Twice a day the easy way!" 

Fits Standard & Electric Toothbrushes

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i love brushing my teeth!

Parents, Children, & Caregivers LOVE The Toothbrush Pillow!

 The Toothbrush Pillow provides an easier and more sanitary way of applying toothpaste and storing your toothbrush!  

Customers that LOVE our "pillow" tell us it is great for young children, senior care, special needs, upper limb differences, business/family traveler and more.

The Toothbrush Pillow Benifits ALL

Great for children that have not yet developed the fine motor skills and any individuals that have the daily struggle due to Parkinson's, Arthritis, Stroke or Upper Limb Differences

Feel proud and independent

HOW TO USE - Toothbrush Holder & Stabilizer

Get yours today!


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